If you have received some good news regarding your auto insurance, it is part of a Grange Insurance program to issue a 25% credit due to reduced auto insurance claims and losses in the months of March and April, 2020.

“Grange is taking this action because it’s the right thing to do during a difficult time for our loyal customers,” company officials said. “Our dedication to our mission of providing peace of mind and protection during life’s unexpected events has never been stronger.”

The announcement for the premium credits was in addition to the relief Grange is already providing to customers, including offering a grace period to pay premiums for policyholders directly impacted by the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 as well as temporarily adjusting coverages for both restaurant commercial clients and restaurant employees who have personal auto coverage with the company.

“We thank you for putting your trust in us.”

Penfound Insurance welcomes Tracy Randolph to the office. Originally from Salem, Ohio, Tracy is married with three children and brings a background of healthcare and customer service to her new position. “I’ve always worked in jobs where I could help others, especially with seniors, and this is a great opportunity to continue that experience,” she said. “Knowing I can be here to make insurance easier to understand should be very rewarding.” We look forward to having Tracy with us.


Penfound Insurance began back in 1935 when founder Merle Penfound opened his insurance office in the family farmhouse nestled near a huge oak tree along Parsons Road in Lorain County, Ohio.

That oak, still standing, is our symbol for three generations of protection, service and value, at our 40960 Butternut Ridge Road, Elyria, Ohio location.

We are independent agents at Penfound Insurance, representing Grange, Progressive and Hagerty Insurance. As independent agents we don’t work for any one insurance company … we sell coverage from a variety of quality companies so that we can offer you the best combination of service and price, for home, auto, life, commercial, risk, collector car, boat and motorcycle coverages.

Once you’ve found Penfound Insurance, Owner Barry Penfound, Office Manager Jean Szczepanski and Assistant Office Manager Linda Bonewit will make it easier to understand the insurance world and the options available to make it work for you.


Insurance is a necessity to cover the risk of a loss, but it doesn’t mean it should cost an arm and a leg. The truth is there is not a “one price fits all” for home, auto, commercial or life coverage. Just the difference in the deductible, for example, can mean major savings for you, and an independent agent can explain the best options.

Companies like Grange Insurance offer many incentives that can result in savings for you, and as independent agents we can walk you through the many ways to save. Just of few of these discounts are Good Student, Multi-Car, Multi-Policy, and more specialized options like membership in auto clubs or professional groups can result in lower premiums. We can review these incentives with you and answer questions about them.

It takes a professional to combine all the elements of an insurance quote. The age of the home, the value of the home, even the ROOF’S AGE of the home can affect a quote. Items like the distance to a fire station, having a wood burning stove, or having a pool also play their part in preparing an accurate quotation.

Easily the most important part of an independent agent is the PERSONAL help available to you. Customer service means everything, especially if there is a claim or if help is needed to work with an insurance company. Our ability to get answers is critical, and having a REAL OFFICE to visit can bring peace of mind.

These are just a few of the reasons Penfound Insurance is proud to be an independent agency.