Many insurance shoppers look forward to buying insurance like going for a root canal or a tax audit. The confusing array of products, pricing and companies makes the process a difficult task, made even more challenging by companies offering on-line estimates without any human help.

Penfound Insurance is different.

We know that buying insurance is a major financial investment, and our job is to offer you the best combination of coverage, price and service.

Why Doesn’t Anybody Listen to me? Who can I talk to?

For a lot of insurance agencies, there is a process that seems like jumping through hoops in order to get answers or a free quotation.

First, you talk to a receptionist, then a salesman, then someone who fills out the application and finally the policy is given to you filled with pages of confusing language and no one to help explain it all.

That’s not how Penfound Insurance Works.

Everyone in our office is a licensed agent, and completes regular continuing education classes to keep up to date on new policies and options.

When the phone rings at Penfound Insurance, the person on the other end is a professional who knows all aspects of the insurance process and can walk with you through the policy from the initial quote to the final policy.

In this way, our clients get to know us, and we get to know them, making policy updates easier, and adding family members a breeze. We are proud to say that Penfound Insurance has many third generation customers as part of our client list.