Penfound Insurance is proud to serve our 3000+ family/customers with the best selection of insurance products available. Insurance is a complicated product, and providing the best combination of price and service is our goal. We try to make complicated subjects like deductibles, umbrellas, and specialized coverages understandable, which isn’t so easy when you are talking to a salesman you’ve never met on a phone. We happen to think insurance is personal, and we have a long list of tools we can use to give you the best coverage possible.

Homeowners Insurance

lifeins_aPenfound Insurance offers a full line of homeowner products, includinghouse_500_b home, renters, dwelling fire, mobile home and modular home policies. Each of these have features that are unique and must be reviewed for available options. Our agency evaluates homes for replacement value, which must be based on current construction costs for accurate quoting. We also recommend and are glad to discuss scheduled items such as jewelry, furs and collectibles. These items must be listed separately and we always advise our clients to take photographs of scheduled items and obtain appraisals to support their value.

Since every insurance company offers discounts we help get the maximum incentives for our customers, and just a few discounts include smoke alarms, multiple policy discounts, and loss free performance.

Auto Insurance

auto_ins_aWhen we say Penfound Insurance offers a full line of automobile insurance we back it up. Companies like Grange offer complete coverages for daily use vehicles, with pricing designed to fit virtually any driver. These auto_ins_bcompanies also offer risk coverage lines of insurance, as well as Progressive Insurance, which has expanded its automobile coverages to many daily driver policies as well. One of the great advantages of being an independent agency, is that we can contrast and compare the coverages and rates from the many companies we represent to get our insureds the best package available. Unlike one-company insurance agencies we get to evaluate these companies and that benefits you and your family. Discount programs are also offered.

Coverages are also available for ATVs, snowmobiles, utility trailers and trucks to add even more versatility to our agency.

The growth of the classic and special interest car insurance has resulted in special companies like Hagerty Insurance, which covers collector cars, motorcycles and boats. We offer those options to our insureds as well.

Commercial Insurance

commercialInsa230The growth of commercial insurance, especially in smaller companies commercial_ins_like plumbers, painters and remodelers, has been remarkable, and Penfound Insurance offers several programs for these companies. Called Contractors and Tradesmen policies, they are designed to cover the vans, equipment, tools and other property so vital to commercial work. This is only a part of the many commercial policies available, however, since we have coverages available for wholesalers and distributors, manufacturers, garage services, retail and office and business programs. One of the benefits for these unique commercial policies is that Penfound Insurance has the expertise from companies like Grange Insurance who can be called upon to answer virtually any question about business insurance, from one-man companies to large corporations.

Life Insurance

lifeins_a_newpicWith our active lives and busy schedules, life insurance is not high on lifeins_bthe list of insurance coverages, however, it is still an excellent source of security and investment. It can be intimidating, with its many options, and we have answers that can help get through the confusion. There are term products for 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years, Annual Renewable Term policies, plus Whole Life, Universal Life and Single Premium Annuities available.

One of the most popular forms of life insurance is the First Step coverage that can be started for a minimal charge for young children. It is a gift that many grandparents use to help provide financial benefits for their grandchildren.